Intouch Hosted VoIP

Hosted Voice is a form of Business VoIP service, but instead of being premise based VoIP equipment, servers and services are hosted by the Intouch Hosted Voip provider. The calls are the routed to the account holders existing system and equipment. Intouch Hosted Voip also referred to as managed VoIP provides a business with a state of the art phone system without the associated initial cost. Any management and maintenance issues are included in monthly service charges.

The scalability of Intouch Hosted Voip makes it very attractive to SME’s, the business will only pay for the number of seats it needs. It is essentially a per month charging model, meaning you are not penalised for starting small and growing.

While cutting costs on calls is no longer a major reason for choosing a Intouch Hosted Voip service, it can still be a prime factor for companies that have bases in multiple locations and that require constant communication between locations. Not having to pay for calls between sites reduces cost from a company’s operational budget.

Benefits of Intouch Hosted Voip

Hosted Voice is ‘future proof’; as soon as new features are developed and become available they can be rolled out to the customer without the need and worry of large costs for a complete system upgrade when the current system is deemed out of date. It is fast and easy to set up and add on features and services which improve the organisations agility.

With hosted Voice, all changes and updates can be administered yourself as your network configuration is software programmable and its voice signals are carried over your business LAN. This means that every a business moves add or changes there is no cost, if it was a conventional telephone system there would be significant costs associated.

Intouch Hosted Voip helps with customer communication so helps improve the customer experience. Employees can manage their own calls and features from Outlook or Internet Explorer leading an increase in overall productivity. Employees enjoy consistent functionality for staff regardless of whether office, mobile or home based.

Organisations can have full peace of mind that if for whatever reason the office is out of action calls can easily be rerouted as there is no PBX on site.

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